4X4 Gladiator is ready to head for the hills – or the beach

2022-10-14 08:54:47 By : Mr. Sage Hu

There are quads, there are off-road scooters and skateboards … and then there's the 4X4 Gladiator. The go-anywhere electric vehicle is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, and it will certainly turn a few heads.

Looking a little like something that astronauts might use to explore Mars, the tubular-steel-frame Gladiator is made by off-road mobility startup Robo.Systems. Some readers may recall one of the company's previous offerings, the balloon-tired 2-wheel-drive electric Ultra Bike. Electric Quad

Like that bike, the Gladiator is designed for use on loose, uneven terrain. It's propelled by four 2-kilowatt hub motors – one in each of its wheels – for a total combined output of 8 kilowatts, or 16 kW peak. Those motors take the vehicle to a top speed of 30 mph (45 km/h).

The wheels are clad in 21-inch knobby pneumatic ATV tires, and each feature 300 mm of independent coil-over suspension. Power is provided by a 60V/2.4-kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, one 4-hour charge of which should reportedly be good for a range of 65 miles (100 km). Hydraulic disc brakes on each wheel stop the thing.

The vehicle itself has a 44-inch (114-cm) wheelbase, 11 inches (30 cm) of ground clearance, and tips the scales at a claimed 231 lb (105 kg) – it can accommodate a maximum rider/cargo weight of 396 lb (180 kg). And yes, there is a removable seat, although the Gladiator appears to be aimed more at stand-up riding.

Some of its other features include an LCD control screen, a heavy-gauge steel skid plate, dual USB ports for powering electronic devices, plus a 650-lumen headlight and a 30-lumen tail/brake light (with turn indicators).

Assuming the 4X4 Gladiator reaches production, a pledge of US$4,200 will get you one – the planned retail price is $7,500. Prospective buyers might also want to check out the similar but faster, farther-ranging EZRaider, although at $19,200 it's much pricier.

The Gladiator can be seen in action, in the following video.

Kids Quad Bike Electric Sources: Indiegogo, Robo.Systems